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Red Wine Blues

by Lele Melo

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Includes a hidden Bonus Track.


released October 21, 2011

Lele Melo: All Vocals and Instruments.



all rights reserved


Lele Melo CN, Spain

Inventor of the Acid Metal Polka and Progressive Bolero Funk. Proud owner of a Chia Pet and a banjo. On strict nacho and Kool Aid diet.

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Track Name: Red Wine Blues
I've got the red wine blues
Since my baby's gone away.
I've got the red wine blues
Cause my babe is far away.

Unless my baby comes back home now
I'm gonna have to open one more bottle again.

Next Sunday morning
I woke up and my babe wasn't in bed.
Well, it's Sunday morning
I looked around and my babe wasn't in bed, no.

But I wasn't lonely,
Woke up with an empty bottle and a headache instead.

-- Solo --

I've got the red wine blues,
They say my babe won't come back home no mo', no.
I've got the red wine blues
You left me but you won't leave my thoughts.

If you don't come back soon to me darling,
The doc won't have to cure my heart but my liver instead.
Track Name: The Grain And The Seed
Back to life from nowhere
To me it's like peace for earth.
I can't tell the grain from the seed.

Fields of breeze sprouting wind
It's the food that birds eat
It's the blue painting the skies to me.

But the seed of doubt has been sown in my mind
Harvesting all of these thoughts
That come to me like a cluster of ideas for life
Will it germinate and fix the roots
That will penetrate into my nerves
Like a tree that fruits no apples, only leaves.

May this autumn arrive
Leave the heatwave behind,
Falling blood is flooding the streets.

The horizon is near
With my eyes I can see,
Looking back makes shorter the bridge.

- Harp Bridge -

Sands of time they run fast
With them silver arrives,
On my head the winter from age.

No more leaves only crops
And the bare wood from branch,
I have learnt what's grain and what's seed.

Life is like a trail that goes through a field
Where you never know what to take or deal
From the earth, the blue skies nor even the brave sea.
But when your time is near you will see it clear
That our reason here is not to take but give,
Like the seed you feed your crops with will become the grain that feeds.